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A Japanese tech startup claims to have developed an artificial intelligence software that analyzes surveillance camera footage in order to detect suspicious behavior and prevent shoplifting before it actually happens. 日本一家科技初创企业声称研发出了一款人工智能软件,能够通过分析监控摄像头拍下的视频画面识别出可疑行为,在小偷下手前就加以阻止。 In 2002, when the movie Minority Report, starring Tom Cruise, came out, the concept of preventing a future crime before the perpetrator did anything remotely suspicious was nothing more than a cool sci-fi idea, but thanks to the rapid advancement of artificial intelligence, we already have an early version of the technology displayed in that movie. 2002年,汤姆·克鲁斯主演的电影《少数派报告》上映,当时预知犯罪不过是个科幻概念,但随着人工智能的迅猛发展,如今电影中展现的技术在现实中已经初见雏形。 VaakEye, an AI software developed by Japanese startup Vaak, can allegedly detect shoplifting before it occurs by analyzing surveillance camera footage for discrete suspicious movements and behaviors of people caught in the camera’s field of view. If the algorithm decides that there is a high-enough probability of a person shoplifting, it sends an alert via a smartphone app so the crime can be prevented. 日本初创企业Vaak研发的软件VaakEye据称可以通过分析摄像头视频中不连续的可疑动作和行为来识别盗窃行为。如果算法认定某个人偷窃的可能性足够高,就会通过智能手机应用发送警报以阻止犯罪。 VaakEye first made news headlines back in December 2018 when it picked up on previously undetected shoplifting activity at a convenience store in Yokohama. The suspect, an 80-year-old man, was apprehended a few days later after stealing a hat. Today, Vaak is currently testing its software in a few dozen stores in the Tokyo area, but plans to have it installed in 100,000 stores across Japan in the next three years. VaakEye首次登上新闻头条是在2018年12月,当时该软件在横滨的一家便利店发现了此前未被察觉到的偷窃行为。嫌疑人是一名80岁老人,几天后因偷了一顶帽子被捕。如今,Vaak公司正在东京地区的几十家商店测试这一软件,并计划未来三年内在日本各地的10万家商店安装该软件。 "I thought then, ‘Ah, at last!” Vaak founder Ryo Tanaka recalled about the first time VaakEye helped detect shoplifting intentions. “We took an important step closer to a society where crime can be prevented with AI.” Vaak公司的创始人田中亮回忆起VaakEye软件第一次帮助识别偷窃意图时说道:“我那时候想,终于做到了!我们距离用人工智能预防犯罪的社会又近了一大步。” VaakEye is based on a complex algorithm that harnesses deep learning from more than 100,000 hours of surveillance footage and analyzes over 100 different factors, from a person’s face, clothes, movement, overall behavior, to macro-data like crime incidence in the area the shop is located in, or current weather conditions. VaakEye软件基于一个复杂算法,该算法对超10万个小时的监控视频进行了深度学习,分析了100多种不同因素,从一个人的脸、服装、动作、整体行为,到商店所在地区的犯罪率或当下天气条件等宏观数据。 This new shoplifting-prevention software has reportedly helped detect at least 7 shoplifters in tests performed as of December 12th last year, and is credited with reducing shoplifting cases by 75%, according to IT Media. 据IT Media媒体报道,截至去年12月12日的测试期间,这款新的防偷盗软件已经帮助识别出至少7名小偷,并将盗窃案数量降低了75%。

However, VaakEye is not intended to help police catch shoplifters after they’ve committed the crime, but rather help business owners prevent the crime from being committed. Theoretically, shop staff can approach suspicious subjects after receiving an alert from the software and ask if they need some help. This should discourage suspected shoplifters from going ahead with their plans. 但是,VaakEye软件的目的不是为了在小偷盗窃后帮助警察抓住罪犯,而是帮助店主防止偷盗发生。从理论上来讲,店主可以在软件上收到警报后接近可疑人员并询问他们是否需要帮助。这样应该可以阻止嫌疑犯继续实施犯罪计划。 While Vaak is currently focusing on shoplifting prevention, they also have plans to enhance the software’s functionality. 30-year-old Tanaka told Bloomberg that it could also be used to analyze the way consumers interact with various products, thus helping businesses better display their goods, and also in public spaces and train platforms to detect suspicious behavior and prevent suicide attempts. 尽管Vaak公司目前专注于预防盗窃,但他们也计划提高该软件的功能性。现年30岁的田中亮告诉彭博社说,该软件还可以用来分析消费者与各种产品的互动方式,从而帮助企业更好地展示他们的商品,也可以用在公共场所和火车站台,以察觉可疑行为,防止有人企图自杀。 "We’re still just discovering all the market potential,” Tanaka said. “We want to keep expanding the scope of the company.” 田中亮说:“我们还在探索该软件的所有市场潜力,希望能不断扩大公司的业务范围。”

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